Neocron Photos Archive


Ken Burch

All in the Family

Late one night, I headed down to Pepper Park for a little night action. There's an all night joint called the Pussy Club, and I was looking to get my hands on some. The last few weeks had been rather stressful to say the least. Between fixing my brother's weapons and repairing that damn armor worn by that crazy ass redhead, my sister hangs out with, I've had my hands full.

Not to mention all that researching every night, well into the early mornings. I needed to unwind. I made my way into the rat infested rainy streets, and after paying a small sum walked in. The pounding music brought me alive and need I say, as did the girls dancing. I picked out a real nice one. Long legs and a bright smile to match, we talked a little. She told me she wanted to give up this crazy life and move to somewhere more quiet, settle down and all. Me, I just wanted to push between her legs and enjoy the offerings, given to her. She agreed to come to my place and we headed out. On the way to my place I picked up a six-pack of Cron55 and grabbed a quick take out. As we walked from the elevator towards my apartment door, I saw it.

My brother had been here, he had dropped off another one of those fucking weapons that take all night to repair. Attached, was a note saying "Hey Bro, I really need this by morning." I turned to look at her and envisioned what it would have been like to sleep with her. I tried to imagine as best as I could, seeing that that was all I was going to do. My family, sometimes I wish I didn't have one.

Clothes Make the Man

"It was Saturday morning and I had decided to stay in town. My brother had repaired my weapons and I had thought about going out and trying them. I was just about to do so when a TV program came on. Not a favorite show mind you, but a good one none the less. I watched a little of it and even managed to laugh out loud a few times. My sister called and told me that she and her girlfriend, were going to the Neomall to pick out some clothes. They wanted to know my chest and neck size. I told them and made her promise not to pick out anything fruity looking. After my program went off, I decided to head out to get some lunch. I was walking down Halard Dr. which snaked right through the plaza when I saw two tanks sporting some seriously silly looking clothes, I couldn't believe that shit was in fashion. I looked at them twice and glancing at their boots, promised myself never. Now I wanted the eat lunch and get the hell out of the city. I don't care how tough my sister and that hot little redhead friend of hers is, they had better not return with clothes like this, expecting me to wear them.

A Mild Disagreement

In these the troubling of times, it still amazes me how stupid some runners can be. My girlfriend and I were out hunting WBs, looking for some parts to build my brother's birthday weapon. He hasn't a clue what we're getting him and I made sure to sneak out of the apartment while he's still sleeping. Magic and I figure it'll take a month or two to find the parts. She got her older sister to agree to build it without letting Van know about it. It had got dark out rather early but we figured it was because of a storm heading in. We had spotted a Warbot casting shadows and prepared to attack. Just then, we hear it yell out as another hunter attacked it. Magic was about to blow a fuse, she already runs hot anyway. I tried to calm her down and told her to walk with me down towards the lake. After watching the hunter run over and hack his kill, we headed downside. We came across another WB and launched our attack. With electric energy beams cracking the night sky, we bought it down. Magic was just about to put away her spell and pull out her hacking tool, when that runner fool hunter came charging over.

Magic was pissed and hacked it anyway. The hunter who had not introduced himself yelled out something about hacking his kills. Magic was about to kill him right then and there, that bitch is wired for sound anyway. I yelled back at the fool. I told him to stay away from our kills and we'll do the same. I thought about what I said and wondered if Magic and I could kill this fucker and bury his sorry ass out here in the dark. I figured if no one saw us, we would be fine.

Justice has a way of finding its mate. It was a little after midnight when this jackass of a hunter found his do. He had landed himself a big one. A Warbot Titan and he was catching a bad one. Powder blue burst of Xray caught him directly in the chest and we watched his body jerk back. From 50 or so feet away we could hear him screaming in his helmet. He picked himself up off the ground and tried to run. He got about another ten feet away and caught a rocket to the back. For a second, I thought about running over. I thought about lending him a hand, saving his life. I looked over at Magic would stood still grinning in the moonlight, she was enjoying this. More screams of agony came from that once shiny, now bloody helmet. Again we watched as he crawled on the ground trying to get away from the metal beast who appeared to be enjoying himself. More rockets came and we could now hear the clanking sound of metal being torn from his body. Poor Mr. Jerkoff, was indeed having a very bad day. I'm not sure what plans he had for the evening, but I'm sure they didn't include buying the farm in the midnight hour.

Youth In Its Folly

Okay, I admit I was restless. Stuck inside the apartment all afternoon, I needed to get out.

Magic was working and Van and VBW were yacking like a bunch of fucking ladies. They were talking about some game coming on later and how they both had placed large bets. I had enough and decided to best way to kill time, was to go hunting. I headed out to one of my favorite spots and was not surprised to see another stupid tank running around in that not made for fire armor. He kept dashing past me and smiling. I went about my way and caught up with him, trying to kill what I call a "DH". I decided to help him out a bit and cast damage boost on it. I broke into a sprint and headed over the hill, leaving him to work on the big creature. No sooner had I got away, did I see him racing up behind me. "Hey lady," he said. "Come with me, I know where all the great places are." I started to tell him to fuck off, to get lost......beat it. Who was this idiot? I thought. I've been hunting these very grounds before this tank was level 2, he had some nerve. "That's okay young fella," I said, "You run right along." He turned and waved goodbye, running off. I found myself what I also call a "DB" and had started an attack when that young tank showed up again. He pulled out his weapon and started in on it. I backed off and for an instance, wished I had a bag of that popcorn they serve in the Neotheater in Pepper Park.

My young new pain in the ass friend tried to run in circles around the beast, firing his best weapon. It took maybe 3 or five seconds, not sure now, for the beast to kill him. I damn nearly spit out my last piece of chewing gum before killing the big boy. My annoying little tank friend had learned two lessons, as he laid there in the grass waiting for me to resurrect him. One, you never run around a DB who uses area damage, and two I don't heal.........I kill."

Vaudeville Is Not Dead

"Okay, I'll take the one on the left and you take the one on the right..afterwards, we'll do the one in the middle."........"Wait!, no you take the one on the right and I'll take the one on the left." No! I'm taking the one on the right and you....you take the one on the left. "....."Listen girlfriend, I really think it's best that you take the one on the right, that way I can do the one on the left." No! okay.....damnit....no! "You always take the one on the left, I want the one on the left this time, you take the one on the right!" "Look girl, I've got no time for this, it's not a good time, so take the one on the right, I'll do the one on the left and let's get out of here." "You see? This is what I'm talking about, I don't want the one on the right, I'm shorter then you and I need to take the left one because it's down in the ditch!".....Shit girl, what difference does it make? Just do the right one and let's get on with it!".....Fuck that! I'm tired of always going right, you go right and let me take that big sucker in the ditch!" Magic, I swear to god your being a pain in ass....take the left one then, but be quick about it....It's getting late and I'm getting hungry."

Jack Is With us Always

Four months ago, a woman was found in the sewer section of Pepper Park. Her nude body had marks upon her face and neck. She'd been beaten and thrown about, according to NCPD detectives. About two weeks later another body was found in the same area, again beaten and nude. Police report that the two women had one thing in common, they both were prostitutes.

Much of the leads were followed, but produced little or no information. The case had all but gone cold until last Tuesday. Having eluded police, a young pimp name Ninja felt the need to no longer hold his secret, but to flaunt it. It took NCPD 30 minutes to trace blood DNA linking the young man to the crimes.

Can't Live Without Them

"Now, just hold still!....What I'm going to do is apply a special spell that will allow you to with stand fire for about 5 seconds, after that, your on your own."

......Okay, okay, I heard you the first time, but hurry it up a bit........he's not going to wait around forever you know.

"Don't rush me Van, this shit takes time....remember that last time you went charging off? Fucked you up something good, didn't it? Sent your ass limping back to town...didn't it? So don't give me any shit and stand still."

Yes dear.

Using Enough Dynamite

I'd been hunting all night long and come morning my eyes had grown tired. I was beginning to see things and starting to forget my way. I had washed my face in a creek not far from where I tried to sleep. Surviving on what seemed like 15 minutes of sleep, I headed out. My radar screen on my newest cannon, picked up an image large in size. I lifted the weapon and scanned the mountains. I spotted through a morning haze a large decayed brute. I loaded several projectiles and aimed. Sweat pouring down my right eye, I pulled the trigger. The weapon jerked back in my arms and almost through me to the ground. I had fired this weapon many times before, but never once encountered this action. The recoil had sent a sharp pain that shot through my body. In the distance, an explosion much larger then I had seen from this weapon before. I quickly grabbed my things and raced towards it's direction. When I arrived, I had found my subject. All that remained was teeth. My God....what the fuck had my brother done to this weapon?

Roe's Gift

One afternoon while getting dressed, a packaged arrived. Delivered first class was a small but well packed healing spell, from Roe. At first I couldn't understand why she sent it first class at all. I mean I know she was out of town for a few days....but it was just a heal spell...right?......wrong. I turned it over and read the back. Holy shit!

And Fire Swept the Plains

The beast before me was kicking up a fit as it approached the final moments of its life. With the grass in front of me ablaze, the beast continued. I worried little about my situation with it. My attention while killing it, now focused on its much larger and harder hitting brother who had heard its cries and was now making its way to aide a falling family member.


They thought it clever, I know they did. They thought they would get us, surround us and cut us down. I could feel the tension rise to my temples, as we continued casting spell after spell and hitting psi boosters. Four of them, all hungry and all willing to claim the death of the two baddest psi casting bitches around. But it was not to be. "Come on you fucking bastards! We'll kill every fucking one of you!" Shouted my hot, red headed friend. And she was right, it would take these fuckers and a lot more to kill us, but I admired their attempt.


We had watched, simply out of boredom as the three of them went to work on the Warbot they came across in the waste lands. Strutting their big guns and over sized egos, they managed to put the metal creature down. As we approached, easy to spot was the shit eating grins plastered to their faces beneath those shiny helmets. For a minute, I was taken back to an old photo I had seen in a book left behind by my great grandfather. In it men, fishermen stood proudly near their catch. I'm guessing their grins were the same.


There are moments of reflections where one tends to regret their actions. I'm not sure where this moment fits in. Again the dream returns, my faithful hunting partner and I have found ourselves in quite a situation. Pinned between two Warbots we engaged in battle. Flashes of light created by the most powerful of spells illuminate the dusk skies. When it's over I feel myself detached, I'm floating up and looking down. I hear faintly her words, "They're dead," and I look to see she's right. As I look at the two lying dead, their bodies soon to rust in the water.

I see that I too have paid the price. My god, the third body is mine!

The Quiet Ones

It's true, you know. You could know and even live with a person and not really know them. You could spend countless hours days and even years, with them. I'd taken a small job at the Neocron Con. Job Center. For a lousy 3600nc a week, I had the chance to sort out and sneek though many of the citizens records. I remember spending most of my lunch break glancing at old girlfriend's records. It was a cheap thrill, but somewhat entertaining. Just buy chance, I decided to pull up the records of an old friend of mine.

I knew he was out of town and hadn't been expected back for awhile. I orderd a sandwich in, and took some files back to that private room I found. Once there I sat down making sure no one saw me and opened his file. Jesus H Christ, I couldn't believe I called this man my friend. No wonder he skipped town.

The Standoff

I had been out in the dry hot desert for days, tired and sweaty. I had hunted for hours now and was in the middle of slaying a terror mauler when the weapon fired empty. I looked behind me to see nothing for as far as my tired eyes could see. With health dropping, I made a mad dash for a dune not far away. There I healed myself and checked my inventory once more. To my surprise, I had held onto a few cases of power cells for my other weapon. I emerged from behind the creature to not only surprise it, but to finish it off. I quickly headed West to an uplink I know in these parts.

With plenty of cash in my pockets from earlier hunts, I walked into a Outpost pawn shop. I was half expected to be somewhat greeted, seeing that not many come out this far. But I never expected the shop keepers to draw their weapons. They all started shouting over each other, something about "showing my hands!" We stood there facing each other for a few minutes before they lowered their weapons. Once things settled down, they told me of an attack that had claimed the lives of 3 coworkers. "Struck down in cold blood they were," said one shopkeeper. They went on to tell me of some crazed sick psycho psi monk, who came into this very shop and unleashed fury. They said it was all caught on tape and that the Copbots in the city, were passing out digital photos of the madman. Some say he may have changed clothing or even looks. Others believe he simply changed faction. It was indeed a sad story and after listening to it, I felt kinda sorry for these men. After all, they were simply trying to make an honest living.

Loneliness In Dark Places

My faithful hunting partner and I were deep into Warbot country. Wreckage laid in our aftermath, as we moved further North destroying everything in our path. Mechanical sounds in the dark kept us on edge, as we walked, eyes peeled. We stopped for a few to eat and gather some supplies. The way ahead was darker then that behind us and we found ourselves looking over our shoulders, much too often. Off in the distance, I spotted a Genrep station. We looked at each other and decided it would do for the night. As we came closer, that sound known all to well in this area, rushed up to greet us. A low rumble, known to come only from a Warbot.

We readied ourselves for what would certainly be another showdown. Hearts racing, we charged. Seconds split into minutes, as the name "Alexander Blade" appeared in my window.

I started a tranquil night dream, as things around me slowed down. Images were moving very slow as my mind back peddled. I had seen and heard of this person before. I remember hearing something about how he, this graceful scientist had gone mad. That sound, that awful sound came once more as I prepared to strike in it's direction. Realtime had returned and I could now hear my hunting companion shouting, "No!!"

With time measured beyond any rational thought, I held back. What we saw still hunts me from time to time. This Alexander Blade who had gone all but crazy had managed to, control or build himself a Warbot. From his shaking lips came the repeated phrase, "Please don't hurt it.....please don't hurt it....it's my friend.....please don't hurt it.......please don't hurt it....it's my ...friend."


Eddie Watson had married Clair Clemmons not more then 6 years ago. They had moved quickly to Neocron where their newborn son Richard, was just learning to walk. The Watsons had worked long hours often leaving little time to enjoy the pleasures that came with life in the big city. Shortly afterwards, came the arguments, the yelling and often fighting at late night hours. They tried to piece back together a marriage falling apart from the inside, for their only son's sake. With Eddie having so much trouble landing several of the top paying jobs crossing his path, frustration settled in. With bills piling high enough to blot out the sun, Eddie one afternoon walked into his son's room and leaned over, kissing him. He then walked two doors down the hall of their plus apartment and into the master bedroom. Once inside he walked over to the large pane window over looking the Plaza. He took one last look at the room where love was once shared and jumped."


I remember that day, not long ago when the metal beast came. They had appeared as if out of nowhere and pushed forward into Section K-13. A vast wasteland of quickbelts from those not so lucky. I remember when we found one of those great metal machines alone. It had drifted apart from the group. And on that faithful day, I'll always remember how we sent it back to it's York creators......in pieces.

The Defense Contractor

Rage-Mage, one of the city's most respected high ranking Psi monks, has been working very closely with Tangent Technologies in the development of new spy armor. When completed, the final version will be issued to the spy citizens in hopes of protecting them from radiation effects of plasma fired weapons, now being used by DoY commanders.


As dusk approached, we found ourselves on the verge of a classic Warbot strategy. One leading in, while the other two began their flank. So unexpected were they in the seconds to come.

The Death of alChandler

It's often hard to find words that fit into a rational sense of thinking. Sometimes a simple bowing of the head is all one can do to express an emotion, beyond words. It had splashed across the local papers two days ago, and while not many knew him those who did will miss him. "You play with fire long enough, your sure as hell to burn sooner or later." That's what one local ad said. Others made more of a joke of it, sighting that the man was told time after time to leave the workers of the city alone. Few were surprised to hear the news when it broke. There were others who seemed upset, hoping to track down the famed psi monk on the run and kill him, collecting the small bounty. So as I made my way through Viarossa, the casket and backpack of runner "alChandler" was laid not to rest, but on display for many to see. He was NCPD's latest catch, and the boys were a bit proud.


The Note

Sometimes, a simple message or a posting of sorts is all that's needed to make one's day. I had worked all night long getting armor and weapons ready for that pain in the ass group of siblings of mine. Ms took a quick weekend off, and Van's been hunting like crazy for the last month and a half. Taylor called me from Paris where she's having a blast and talking about coming home, but not right away. She asked how her favorite uncle was doing and if Magic was still crazy. I told her I was doing fine and that Van and Magic were tear assing through the jungles of Regents lab..........and Malstrond looking for goodies. I told her I had a very special surprise for her, and resisted saying anything more even though she was jumping up and down on the other end of the phone. "Please, please, please tell me Uncle B," she said. "No," I replied, you'll know when you come home." "Ah..Uncle B...your so cruel," she said. "I should be home in a few weeks. Give my love to everyone," she ended.

I hung up the phone, and checked my gift cabinet. Inside was indeed a gift for her. A special N.E.X.T epic vehicle. Spit clean and awaiting it's first owner. Another message came beeping in. I had done business with a runner named Terry Pratchett. Good guy too. He had simply called to thank me for a great business transaction, like I said. Sometimes it's a simple message that makes all the difference in the world.

The Northstar

The area in the Northstar is one of a few places to find death around any given turn. The area is infested with Warbots and Titans alike. If the dark clouds and constant heavy rain falling, doesn't drive you mad, perhaps the mechanical sounds will. My faithful hunter partner and friend, had hiked our way North to the Uplink there. We were searching for parts for what was called a Moonstriker, a nasty and very powerful rocket launcher. Only problem is, it can't be bought.

Six parts are needed along with one damn good constructor. We had the constructor, what we needed were the parts.....all of them. We had spent the better part of the day along with most of the rainy night killing. I had lost count of the bodies, and was trying to keep my spirits up.

Magic had hacked her brains out looking for rares, only to come up empty. On our last kill for the night, I found myself confronted by a Warbot that didn't seem to want to drop. I had hit this metal beast with everything I had and yet it continued. My Speedgun had fired empty and with little or no life left in it, I shoved the weapon deep into it's metal jaw, pushing upward into it's brain. The computer inside short circuited and before a flash of lighting, it dropped. Still no fucking part.


While hunting along the open grounds of Malstrond, I came upon a runner named Trigger Hunt. He seemed okay at first saying, "Hi," upon close inspection. Right away I saw he was a member of the clan owning the grounds and the large brick base that sat on them. He spoke rather calmly at first and after a moment or so, we even shared a little joke. I told him I was out here hunting not long ago, when members of his clan came up to me asking questions. I told him that they had informed me that the base was under attack and that I had best be leaving. I told him that it was no problem and did what was asked. He looked down at the ground and seemed to be in deep thought, his mind working overtime. He looked back up at me and asked if any of them had fired at me or cause me disrespect. I told him no, and said the they were rather nice about the situation. "Because if they did, I'd want to know about it...you tell them you talked to me," he said. I wasn't sure where this guy stood in the ranking file of his clan, didn't really care but nodded in agreement just the same. Less then ten minutes later, we spotted a decayed horror. Big fucker that spawns slightly smaller, fuckers should one get too close. I fired my gatlin cannon into it's belly. Blood spurted from the creature and some made it's way to my face. I reloaded and was about to continued when Trigger Hunt went charging towards it. The beast screamed out and before my eyes spawned, four more. "Fuck!" I yelled out..."Crazy motherfucker!"........I raced towards the beast now larger in numbers and together we killed it and its offspring. Trigger Hunt stood there with a shit eating grin on his face now covered in the beast's blood. He looked all but crazy for sure, maybe he really was their leader.

The Attack

An afternoon filled with promises of good hunting and looting was bought to a sudden end as word came across the emergency broadcast communication lines (EBCL). I had hopes of putting down the beast before me and grabbing lunch in town. I had expected to call Taylor later that afternoon and maybe catch a movie with Magic. VBW had left voice mail saying that he had decided to head up North for the weekend and that he had repaired a second set of weapons and armor ahead of time for me. It was a Friday morning and for the most part, all seemed well.

Spent shell casings collected on the ground beside me as I fired at the creature, its return was a blast of fire pushing me back. It was while reloading, that it came. My pager beeped uncontrollably and flashed red. The city of Neocron was under attack! The controlling forces and military of Dome of York had managed to break through the defenses set up by NCPD. All hell had broke loose as good friends, as well as enemies, were struck down and killed. Forces inside as well as those still alive tried to fight back. Those not prepared, laid burning. The attack lasted for only ten to twelve minutes, but that was more then enough, death toll was well into the thousands. Thank God my family was away!

On the Road

Of all the times for this shit to happen. Magic and I were out late one night looking for these damn parts for Van's birthday gift. I was getting tied and after coming up empty, decided to head back to the nearest Genrep, hoping to beam my ass back to town and bed. We were just about to do so when THEY appeared. Five of those fucking things, all lined up and all waiting for a piece of us. I was not in the mood for this shit. Pissed off from lack of sleep, Magic and I decided to turn these 15 foot fuckers, into a pile of 4 foot metal junk.

Brief Encounter

They say love is everlasting, not sure about that. But one thing is certain, it may have saved my ass. I was out and about with Magic. We had decided to take a walk which ended up landing us deep into clan territory. At first we didn't really pay it much mind, after all we were just taking a walk. I had put on my new shirt and was a bit proud of it's fit. My new workout schedule had been paying off. The birds seems to be singing louder this morning and I summed that up to life in the city, returning to normal. The cracking of branches and growth of new leaves, painted our back drop. I had even went as far as to leave my weapon at home...bad idea. As we walked towards the Genrep station to head into town, shadows appeared. Magic had wanted ice cream, chocolate I think and I was looking forward to a tuna salad. The shadows turned to forms as we closed in. At first I couldn't believe it. I had held up my hand to may face to block out the laser pointer now spotted at my head. "What the fuck is this?" I shouted. The red beam turned away from me as I heard a voice, I hadn't heard in quiet awhile. "Well, well, well.....if it isn't my old friend Van," the soft voice said. I looked over adjusting the light from the pointer and now the sun. It was an old lover of mine. "Hello Mayhem," I said. "Fancy meeting you out here, how long has it been?" She lifted the high powered assault rifle known as a pain easer for all the right reasons, and with a frown told me it hadn't been long enough. "You fucking bastard" she said. "Broke my heart, and now my mood," she added. She had been with a renegade clan who was looking to take over one of the Northern Outpost buy any means necessary, and if it meant shooting an old lover....I guess she would. She still looked great though, blonde hair and long legs. She had aged a bit, but still had it together.

She looked over at Magic who had already prepared to kill the first fucker willing to pull the trigger. She looked back at me, her face flushing. "So, I see your into red heads now, how nice." Magic who was still pointing her spell lowered it slightly. "Red's are much sweeter bitch! Got a problem with that?" I could see this getting out of control and decided to settle this matter as quickly as possible. I was about to tell Mayhem to pipe down and chill out, when three more of her goons showed up. One such fella was a man named "Twist3r" a flaked out tank looking for action. He was already to bash my head in with a baseball bat, when Mayhem shouted "No!" I looked over at Magic and back to Mayhem, they were both staring each other down. "Listen," I said. "It's nice seeing you again Mayhem, I'd love to talk but I see your quite busy at the moment, I'll just be on my way if you don't mind." She had hardly taking her eyes off Magic and I thought for sure we were going to get whacked on such a nice afternoon. "Yea, maybe you should go." She said. "You were never any good at staying anywhere were you?"
"Look Mayhem, it's not like that.....it's just that things weren't going anywhere...is all."

I started to add more, say something that would have inflamed Mayhem or Magic. I decided to stop while I thought I was ahead. "Leave Van.....spare me your bullshit, and just leave." She shouted. I turned to Magic and back to Mayhem who despite her anger, managed a few tears. I thanked her and headed towards the Genrep. In the final seconds, before disappearing I could hear Twist3r asking her who was that. She responded the same way she always did when talking about someone she still cared for....."None of your fucking business!"


I'm sure this will lead to a series of questions by NCPD, but what the hell. I had been walking along Plaza 1 and was just about to take the corner leading into Plaza 3 when I saw him. I've told NCPD all that I had to tell them, there really is nothing else. I was held for some 5 hours and questioned over and over again about the same topic, him. I'd never seen him before, never even heard of this man. With the visitor rate climbing everyday in this ever growing city, it's easy to see how someone could have moved in and lived for many weeks and never once, cross my path. With so much going on in the surrounding area, and the ever constant threat of Dome of York attacks, who has time to notice everyone new in the city. So there I was, sitting in that hard metal chair and once again, telling them my story. I was walking along heading into plaza 3 when I heard about 12 shots. They sounded like those from a plasma weapon and I quickly looked around for it's direction. I saw a few people for which I also didn't notice, take off running. I ran in the direction of the shots and that's when I saw him. By the time I made my way to him, he had already stopped breathing. I quickly called NCPD and the rest is in my file.

The Local Fauna

I'd taken a short walk, which ended up long as I came upon a hill blanketed in green. I wasn't sure what I'd been in the mood for and was just about to decided when a very small creature crawled up to me. It seemed to want to attack me and was trying to bite through my leather boots. I kicked at it and yelled out, "Go away!" It made an annoying noise and once again approached me. Again I pushed it away and tried to walk from it. The brown thing continued to crawl towards me and again tried to bite at my boots. I quickly grew tired of the annoying pest, and removed my weapon killing it. I looked down at it lifeless body and was about to return to my thoughts, when another annoying noise rushed to my ears. I turned to see another creature much larger then the first one and it appeared to be angry at me. While it looked nothing like the first, I wondered if perhaps it was the adult version. This new creature had large claws which seemed to be currently covered in blood. I pulled back from the man size thing and wondered how much danger was I in. Like the smaller one, this one choose to also attack me. While it moved like the other slowly, I waited only half the time before ending it's life as well.

A Hitchcockian Moment

Some say nature has a way of giving us warnings, all we need to do is to heal and believe in them. I had approached a hill to see the vultures circling. Something inside me said to back away, to move from this place where death was obvious to come. I paid no attention to the warning signs. I managed to get away, but my time in traction will not be easily forgotten.