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A Few Follow Up Comments

Serves every person right that thinks skiing is a cool sport. Yeah, you too can be cool with broken arms, legs and broken teeth.

Kevin is hungover

What happened, did you shove your head into a vending machine? Frankenstein looks a little better. Who possibly could be dopey enough to consume one entire bottle of Remy Martin? Why did you do that to yourself? Was there a contest for the terminally crazy or something that night. Mom told me that the next morning, she had to stop you from drinking brandy again. I am crying for your liver.

You look like Spikey the dinosaur. Did you sleep upside down?

Don't worry folks, there's plenty of the Remy Martin left. To dispell any confusion, Caty is in plain text, I'm alChandler in the italics, still messing about with the format.

March 11, 2006

Happy Tree Friends

From Caty Cherepakhov comes the following link. It's to a Happy Tree Friends episode called Keepin' It Reel.

I think this episode represents Flippy's evilness, he killed a movie theater full of Happy Tree Friends in one fell swoop

She also sends along another episode. This one is called Ski Ya Wouldn't Wanna be Ya.

That episode represents how scared Flaky is and how cool a sharp nail can be. Foot, head whatever, it is cool.

By the way, my page is now updated, so don't be fooled by the cutesy picture you see of Cara and I. I will continue to update, DO NOT BE FOOLED, EVIL AWAITS.


Webmaster alChandler here. You've received your warning.

A Note From the Webmaster

Caty wwanted me to post her explanation for why there haven't been any updates for a couple of years.

caty gives the finger

May 15, 2009

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