Our cast of characters

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John "alChandler" Solli was born August 14, 1947. A rather bookish fellow, his life took an unexpected turn when he was drafted in 1968. After a tour in Viet Nam he discovered he liked M16s more then he liked Milton.
    In the 1970s he slowly became a legend in the small mercenary community. He became such a major player that he attracted the attention of the mercenary's mercenary, Duke. During the 1980s Duke and alChandler dominated the soldier of fortune world. Sometimes working with each other but mostly fighting on opposite sides alChandler and Duke cut a bloody swath over half the planet, neither one quite able to kill the other. Among alChandler's more famous exploits are the 1987 coup in Sri Lanka and the execution of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.
    In the early 1990s alChandler became semi retired. Although some attribute his low profile to age, there are a few rumors that his decision was based, in part on an encounter he had with a drug lord named Lo Ping. It is safe to say, however, that the man is still a dangerous opponent.

John "Caveman" Williams became a player by chance. Up until 1989 he was a happy suburbanite, working as a civil servant in a great metropolitan state agency. Married with three children he thought nothing could change his life. Then one day, the mail man delivered a copy of Soldier of Fortune by mistake.
    That's all it took.
    Caveman devoured the magazine. Eventually he answered an ad in the back (Can you draw Spunky the Soldier? If so you may have the talent it takes to enter the high paying profession of mercenary for hire!) and was on his way.
    Caveman is rather low key but skilled none the less. He is one of the few people to have skirmished with Duke and lived to tell the tale. Currently Caveman is based in New York where he freelances.

Mrs Silverman
Kevin's first alt tag She was born Donna Gallagher, heir to the Gallagher fortune. One would think that would be enough for one lifetime. It wasn't. In 1994 she married famed explorer Steve Silverman.
    Then, tragedy. Dr. Silverman vanished in Philadelphia's Society Hill section on an expedition to prove the existence of the Muskrat People in the sewers. Although his body was never recovered, he is presumed dead.
    Today Mrs. Silverman works with alChandler as a computer cracker. Staying out of the more bloody parts of alChandler's business, she has managed to kill as many people with a keyboard as her partner has with a gun.
    Since she doesn't actually work as a player, the question has been raised, "why does she dress in form fitting leather jumpsuits?"
    Who gives a rat's ass.


And then there was Bladewalker.