a hallway

by Kenneth Burch

Rrrrrrring! Rrrrrrrrring!…Rrrrring!…..


“Who dis?” Oh hey girl, wat up? Nah, nothing really. Been sitting here watching TV waiting for Keith to drop off Sammy. No, I ain’t giving that nigga shit, what he better do is get my child back home, I had plans later tonight, fucking nigga messing my shit up now. Yea, I told him. Who did? What! She fucking that motherfucker now!? Well, she can have 'em. I saw that nigga two weeks ago, selling shit on Kline Avenue, stupid ass…..hehe..Well, yea. I heard that motherfucker got evicted from the last place his ass was staying. Now his ass trying to move into the Gardens. She right there with that nigga, better get out there and help him. Well, then she should try selling that black ass then…..heheh. Stupid bitch, giving the shit away anyhow, might as well.

I told ya, the bitch was dumb. Yea, that nigga was on Kline all afternoon pushing that cheap ass shit. Like someone, want that Wal-Mart shit…hehehe….Nigga dirty anyways, and now he trying to get some money for shit. He should have thought about that, he knew better. But you know what, she belong right along side that motherfucker, both of 'em nasty. Guess who I ran into yesterday? No bitch, ain’t seen him in about two years, heard that nigga locked up anyways, no I’m talking about you know, Eric. Eric Johnson bitch! Hehe..Yea, that nigga still looking good too. He was getting out of some brown colored Lexus with the rims and shit. Hell no! I didn’t go up to him bitch, he saw me and came up smiling and shit. I had the kid with me, so I couldn’t you know, play up on that shit. Nah, he looked good girl, hair all nice and shit.

Yea, I heard he was working somewhere, nah, in the casinos or some shit. Oh, I think he had started some business or something, with like two of the casinos. Yea, and he was saying something about selling shit to them, or providing them. No bitch, I was trying to fuck him, But you know that nigga was looking good, if I didn’t have Sammy with me, and Keith was nextelling me every fucking 30 minutes, I’d jumped my black ass in that car girl, let that nigga take me someplace, turn that nigga out girl….heheh..shit, tell you what, I’d be driving that bitch in a week, good as this shit is. Who? Oh, so that’s what's up? Well, shit then, wish I had known that..heheee. What? Hold on a sec,…….yea, I’m back. Oh shit, my jam came on. God damn, I love this song. “Boy you got to know when the love is real” Damn, that’s my mother fucking song! So, what you doing this Saturday? You still going right? What! Bitch, don’t have me standing out there, waiting for your ass! I told you when I was leaving, No, I told you Keith was taking Sammy for the weekend and Terrence was picking me up at nine.

Well, that’s what I’m trying to tell your dumb ass! So tell that nigga you going with me and chill the fuck out. Wait! That motherfucker didn’t say that, did he? Oh Fuck him! Stupid nigga, if he can’t let you go out for one motherfucking night, then fuck him. Bitch! That’s what I saying. Shit, no one says shit when that nigga comes in the fucking house, drunk as a motherfucker, high as hell and trying to get some pussy. He be feeling you up and shit, dick all limp. And he acting like it’s a problem with you going out for one night. That’s what I’m saying, it ain’t like you don’t be home and shit. That motherfucker keeping tabs on you like that? Girl, back that nigga off you quick, fucking psycho nigga. Motherfuckers be thinking they own your ass and shit. Tell that nigga he don’t own that pussy, bitch ass, just rented it. I said bitch ass, just renting it..heheh…like that nigga couldn’t lose that shit, anytime you get ready. Heheh….crazy ass motherfucker!

What? Yea, I was watching that shit on TV last night. No, no, they saying that motherfucker burned down the house on purpose, said that nigga was having bad dreams and shit. Like God had come to this motherfucker, telling him to do that shit. Fucking white boys be some crazy ass motherfuckers girl. Them some sick ass motherfuckers. They loose their jobs and go killing motherfuckers! Hehehe…like those people had something to do with his shit, being taking away. Nah, they were saying that his ex-wife was in that building, that’s why he locked all the doors and burned that motherfucker up! Yea, like I said, crazy motherfuckers. That nigga could have packed his shit and moved on, he had a good job, they were saying. Now the motherfucker done killed his wife, oh ex-wife, bitch really is ex for sure now, plus 15 other motherfuckers, and the nigga is out of the house. What they going to do with the kids? yea, they had like 3 of them, two boys and a girl.? Now watch, they’ll give him like 5 years in some crazy house somewhere, nigga try that shit and he gets the chair. Yea, I know, needle, chair, gas, what's the fucking difference, nigga gone ain’t he? Heehehehe..

You know what? They fired some girl from work yesterday, bitch was trying to steal food from the employee cafeteria. Heehe…I’m serious! Spanish bitch too, like those motherfuckers ain’t got enough chances. Yea, they waited till she walked out of the building and grabbed that bitch. I heard she tried to fucking run too. Nah, that ass it too fat, I don’t know what the fuck she was thinking. Motherfuckers told me she was crying and shit. Told them she didn’t have food at home and she had 5 kids, that were hungry. Like that shit is supposed to mean something. Hehehe. Let my ass try that shit, they’ll lock me the fuck up and call the police. Then tell the cops my ass took money as well, you know how they do shit. Sister can’t get a fucking break!

Yea, like it ain’t enough of them any fucking way. But let me tell you this, you know Carl from building seven? That funny looking motherfucker, that be selling weed? The one with all them gold ass teeth in his mouth? You had to see him, nigga be out there all night sometimes. Well, I heard they laid that nigga down last night! Shot oh boy like six times, closed that nigga's eyes for life girl. I tried to tell them motherfuckers. You know you can’t be out there selling that shit and talking shit about it too. Motherfuckers get down right jealous, fucking around and shoving that shit in their face like that. I don’t know who did it. I was talking with Keith’s sister late last night. She told me Keith said Peanut did it, shot that motherfucker all by himself. Said he did it for other reasons. I think Carl was fucking some hoe Peanut used to mess around with. Something about he was trying to get back with her and she told him she was doing a little something with Carl. Bitch should know, you can’t be telling these motherfuckers that. From what I heard, she’d done left town or some shit. Bitch know like I know, she better be somewhere in China.

Well, that bitch should have kept that shit on the DL, she old enough to know better. What? Hehe…oh shit, wait until Peanut finds that shit out. Oh he knew? Well, then. Wasn’t about no drugs, or money then, nigga wanted revenge then. Here I’m thinking that shit is over some ass. Hehehe. Well then, serve that nigga right then. Peanut, be a dumb motherfucker too. How long that nigga think it’s gonna take the police to find this shit out? Then his old peanut shaped head, going away for like 20 fucking years and shit. I keep trying to tell them niggas, but their asses think they gonna live forever, so fuck 'em.

Damn, who did that? You mean to tell me that nigga ran all the way for Clinton Avenue to West nine? Hehehe….shit! And then what? Oh fuck that, no way. She had that motherfucker doing that shit for her ass? Damn! Heheh. Niggas be dumb like that. She ain’t nothing but a hoe anyways, she would have given that nigga pussy for a pack of cigarettes. I see her ass still, bitch done fucked her way through half of the Collins anyways. Plus, you know that bitch was crazy years back. Hell yea, I heard some motherfucker slipped something in her drink, back in the day. Bitch lost her motherfucking mind, that’s why she be fucking any and everything, you know she fuck girls too? Shit, I seen her with Tina about a month ago, and you know that bitch wish she had a dick. They came out of Joe's holding hands and shit, like a couple and shit. Hehehe. I just stood watching them bitches shaking my head.

Tina bitch! You know that one still wearing that old ass afro, crazy ass color clothes like she be still in the sixties and shit. The one with big ass titties and shit. Yea,I know she’d love to have them mothfuckers, cut off. It’s a shame too, she’s kinda cute. If she’d clean her ass up and do something with that nasty ass afro, she might be able to get a man. I know, I know, I’m just saying, she could have done that before she decided she wanted to be a man. No! No way, she got a son? Get out! Well, then at least she did try, maybe that shit wasn’t meant to be. Oh well.

Oh, you know Arron Watts? Arron bitch! The one whose brother died last year when that train hit him? No, the one whose brother died when his car stalled on the tracks over by Wawa, next to the train tracks. Yea, and he got out walking and got hit and shit? Well, that nigga OD about a week ago. Yea, I just heard about it too. Said they found him in his room with the needle still in his arm, his mother must be taking that shit real hard. Mrs. Watts is a nice lady too, I know she must be going crazy and shit too. Two sons, so close together like that. What? Oh, you mean to tell me she was what? Oh my god girl, I know she taking that shit hard like that, I would too. But motherfuckers got to be keeping tabs on you children and shit. This is one crazy ass world girl. Speaking of kids, where the fuck is my daughter at?

Hold on, ……………………….Okay, I’m back.

This motherfucker must have bumped his motherfucking head! No, Keith! This nigga talking about he in Vineland and shit, that he done took my daughter there and dropped her off at his sister Dana’s place. Hell no, that nigga know better, don’t be leaving my baby over that bitch's house, I told that motherfucker to go back and get our daughter and bring her the fuck to me. I ain’t letting motherfuckers just do my baby like that. What till that nigga get here. I’m gonna climb up and down that motherfucker, he knows better. Fuck that shit! He ain’t dropping my baby off somewhere so he can go get his dick sucked, fuck that! No, girl I told that nigga a million times, if you ain’t got no sense with my daughter, you bring her back to me. I don’t want my baby seeing that sick ass shit. Like I guess she supposed to sit over his sister’s house, till he gets finish fucking and shit, no baby, not this girl. I’ll take that nigga back to court and he won’t ever see her again, fuck with me, I’ll show him. No, I told that nigga to take his sorry ass back to his motherfucking sister’s house and pick up my baby and get her home now! That nigga be stupid sometimes!

No, he fucking around with Vicky Barns. He tried to act like there was noting going on. I knew what time it was, dumb ass was hiding that shit because he knew, I’d take his ass back to court. Fuck that shit! Girl I don’t give a fuck who he fucking. He my boo and all, my baby’s daddy, but we cool like that, I ain’t giving that nigga any more then he needs, Hehehe….well, yea, we kick it sometimes, but you know me and that nigga got mad history, besides he ain’t knocking this shit up again, I don’t ever miss my pills girl, hehehe….got another set of them motherfuckers at the job, just in case. Hehehehe. What? Oh yea, like you ass don’t do the same girl. By the way, where’s Tyrone these days? Oh, so it’s like that huh? Well, he still with her huh? That bitch ain’t never been worth a dime, since school. Yea, I heard all about it. She had her ass cleaned out twice last year, bitch better slow the fuck down. You can’t tell these young ass hoes nothing, bitches think they’re asses grow better, like wine and shit.

Hold a sec girl, got a call coming through………………


Back, this motherfucker is sick! No Keith, this stupid ass man is telling me that Sammy don’t want to come home yet, that she having fun with Franny’s daughter Tabby. I told that nigga, get my fucking daughter home now! Told that fucker that if my daughter is not at this house in one motherfucker hour, that I’m calling the police on his black ass! Fuck that shit! That nigga better wake up and recognize, I don’t play that shit. I ain’t one of his silly ass young hoes, I’ll end all that shit right now, motherfucker fuck with me! And this nigga must be forgetting who the fuck I am. Shit, I’ll have that nigga working in Sing Sing somehwere. He had damn well, better think about this shit real good girl, I ain’t fucking around when it comes to my only baby, I’ll kill a nigga and make a rock bleed over her, and that nigga knows this shit. Fuck no! I ain’t going out now, that nigga got me all upset now.

I’ll call Terrence and tell him we’ll hook up tomorrow night. Oh shit, I got to work tomorrow, ah fuck it. I’ll tell him next week then. I need to clear this shit up about my baby first. Then get with Keith’s stupid ass. That motherfucker done flipped or something. I don’t give a fuck if Terrence gets mad, fuck that nigga too. Girl you know, I don’t let any dick come between me and Sammy, a motherfucker want this sweet shit, he gots to know, that my daughter comes first before anything, or anyone. Fuck that! Well, then let that nigga go on then. Get his pussy elsewhere, I ain’t fucking shit until I get with Keith about his stupid ass ways.

Yea, I told him that! That motherfucker knows all that! We had a long ass talk about that shit before, I told him, don’t be out there doing that shit in front of our daughter. She going to learn about this shit later, but right now, I want my baby staying far away from that crazy ass shit for now. I ain’t having my baby growing up like the rest of these silly ass young hoes, running around here fucking these sorry ass niggas for like a hand bag and shit. Heeheh…stupid ass bitches! Yea, I remember her, she was another one, pretty ass girl too. Then them niggas got with her talking all that shit and before you knew it, her ass was walking around here, belly all popped out and shit. Now that girl got 3 kids by three different motherfuckers and not one of them helping her, with them kids. Shit, I know that, that’s what I’m trying to say. Diane was the same way, fine ass sister too. She too could have been a model or something, now her ass got two kids and a fucking crack habit, fucking kids stay over her mother’s place on Vasper Avenue.

What time is it? Oh shit, That motherfucker better be pulling up here in 30 minutes with my daughter, or all motherfucking hell is going to break loose. I know, but that nigga know, don’t fuck with me when it comes to Sammy. Hold on a sec, got another call……


Alright, I’m back. That was Terrence. I told him we can’t go out. Yea, I told him. I said my baby ain’t home and until she gets here, I ain’t going anywhere. Hehehe Well, nigga ain’t say anything, he ain’t got anything to say. He can go without me, shit I ain’t that fucking hungry for no dick, I can wait. Besides, you know me girl, I get pissed, and I need a lot of time to cool down, and ain’t no dick going to do it for me either. Hehehe…crazy ass shit! You know what? I was just thinking about that girl on TV last week. No, that one that was homeless with those four kids, all for that drug dealer they found dead last month. I was thinking that girl must be a dumb ass, she was giving that nigga all them kids and now someone capped that fool and she ain’t got shit to show for it now. No! they had her ass on TV and she was saying some shit about not having a dime to her name. That’s what I’m talking about, all those kids and getting her ass wet for that motherfucker and in the end, she ended up with shit. Dumb ass bitches. I'd of had that motherfucker putting money away for me and my kids, shit. Yup, that’s what I’m talking about, you know the motherfucker was giving that shit to some bitch somewhere, I’d find her ass and take her to court, if I was her. Give me that money hoe, all of it! Hehehehe yea, you know what I mean? Fuck that! Now she ain’t got fuck, for those kids. On TV begging and shit. Go find where that nigga hid some of that money and claim that shit. That’s what I would do. Hold on girl, who the fuck is calling me now?…………click


Yo girl, this nigga has lost his motherfucking mind! Yea, Keith! That nigga talking about he down the street with Sammy and want me to come get her, I told that nigga, you picked your daughter up from this doorway and you had better damn well return her to the very same motherfucking door! Don’t be having my baby down some motherfucking street, waiting for me to walk down there at night to get her. That ain’t where he got her! This motherfucker is getting on my last nerve tonight girl……..hold a sec……wait a minute, I’m going to see who’s at the door. Better be my Sammy or that nigga will be going to jail tonight! Hold on a sec…………

In apartment 224 there is a knock at the door. The front light has been knocked out and in its wake, a shadow. He stands still waiting for the perfect moment, and once the door opens, he makes his move. He kicks open the door and the young woman behind it has only seconds to respond. She is caught off guard, and tries to fight back, yelling at the same time. The man overpowers her and pulls out a knife, planting it in her chest, she spits up blood as he stabs her again, this time in the ribs and back as she turns, trying to flee. She runs into a glass china cabinet and glass goes everywhere. She picks up a statue and throws it at him, missing him. He picks up a picture frame and throws it at her, hitting her in the head. She falls back, more blood flowing from her now. He's sweating now, face filled with anger and excitement. He walks towards her, and she kicks at him, hitting him in the balls. He drops to the floor and the knife leaves his hand. With a mouth full of blood and two pints now spilled on the living room carpet, she takes the knife and stabs him first in the neck, then in the face. He falls back yelling and with the last bit of strength left, she repeatedly stabs him, the father of her only daughter, to death. The two lay next to each other, sharing four things: blood, a broken life, death and a sweet little girl named Sammy.


The End

Author’s note:

Okay, let me first start off by saying this, I know I used the shit, out of the (MF) and (N) word. May have even broken a record or two (hehe) but let me state a few things for the record. One, this is a simple dialog reflecting the way my peeps talk. There’s a phrase called “Ghetto” as in “She is so ghetto” and it simply means, that she’s from the inner city and has taken on the talk of the environment. I being a proud black man, can use this kind of shit. Much like the Italians can talk all that shit to each other, and no one had better say anything about it. Well, we people or color got our own way of talking too. You know what I’m talking about, you see and hear the rap videos and music, so this comes as no surprise, unless your ass is as dumb as the motherfuckers in this story. Speaking of which, I wanted to do a story about 2 years ago, called “BLACKVILLE” It was going to be a series surrounding a black neighborhood with hard ass language and shit. I wanted something rough and unpolished. Well, I never got around to doing that story, although there are about 4 pages of it done that will most likely never see the light of day. I just found myself in the mood, to go back and attempt a very short version of that series. Who knows, depending how well this one is received, I may take another stab (no pun intended) at it. I will tell you this, I sure had a lot of fun writing it. Was nice to see Microsoft’s word, losing its fucking mind, trying to repair the grammar (hehehehe).