Our Computers

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(Ken's Computer)

This is Mother.
She's Ken's computer.
This is what you'd
call an establishing shot.

And this is Mother's Sound system.

This is Mother's cooling system in action.

This is Mother's keyboard.
That thing to the right is
a trackball. Do not taunt the Trackball.

This is what Mother looks like inside.
If computers are starships, Ken is
Mr. Scott. He likes to get his hands dirty.

Note the Zalman fan.

This is Mother's desktop.
The proper way to refer
to her is M.O.T.H.E.R.
but most of the time
I take the lazy way out.

(Roe's Computer)

This is Thunder.
I think that where you use
your computer says something
about you, I'm not sure what.
but I figure it says something;
that's why I like the establishing shots.

Thunder has a door.

As you can see, Thunder was
built from scratch. That's much better
then just ordering a Dell.

I've always felt that our
desktops say something about
us. This is Thunder's.

(alChandler's Computer)

This is the newer and
improved Kosh. He no longer
looks like Darth Vader.

This is a shot of
the side panel. I
can now see his innards.

Kosh from below again

This is the famous
Also sprach Zarathustra shot.
At 50 I've learned to amuse myself.

This is still Kosh's desktop.
But it's now a 1600x1200 desktop.

(Joey Finger's Computer)

This is Jack's computer.
Jack just got back from
Afghanistan so he's building
a new system. For the record
Jack also goes by the name
of Joey Fingers, hence the title.

HAL doesn't have his new video
card so he's more like "Daisy Daisy HAL"
then "Evil Killer HAL". When the new
card is installed, we won't leave the
ship without our helmets.

Jack has put msconfig on
his desktop. I wish I had
thought of that.