Our Computers Part 2

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(Rolf's Computer)

This is Pentafuge. Note the
wooden case and blue eye of death.

This is Rolf's desk. It
never, ever looks like this.

This is Pentafuge's network.
It's a bit more complicated then mine.

Rolf didn't send over a screenshot
so, for now, this will have to do.
Pentafuge has a flat screen monitor.
Very cool, but not for gamers.

(Emma's Computer)

This is Tinycomp. Rolf wanted
to build a tiny computer for
his wife Emma. He succeeded.
Rolf wanted me to add that he
made the table. Consider it added.

This gives a better idea of
how small the computer is.

But it's a real working computer
with 2 gigs of RAM. That's
Tinycomp peeping out from the
lower left hand side. Cute, isn't it?

Uh, John's Computer
(John's Computer)

This is John Williams' computer.
It's the first one on this
page that doesn't have a name.
Everybody say, "Awwwwwww."

This is John's desktop.
I know it's hard to make out
but John wins the award for
having the most icons on a desktop.

See, a lot of icons.

(Sharon's Computer)

Sharon is Ken's sister.
Babs is her computer.
Sharon has her cable
modem standing the right
way. Well done Sharon.

Babs is incarnated in a Dell
with four speakers.

I thought that little
thing by the monitor was
a mouse but it seems to
be a volume control. I
bet Ken makes Sharon use
a trackball anyway.

Blue Moon
(Marie's Computer)

This is Blue Moon. She's
a part of the Neocron
control tower.

Blue Moon has spooky
lighting panels.

And has wallpaper that
matches her name. She
even beats Kosh on that
score. Note that I said
she. Blue Moon is a girl.

Two things every computer
needs, exotic lighting
and a grey haired geek.

Finally, a shot of Marie
captaining the control tower.