Mr. Fly


Kenneth Burch

It's hot in here, I can tell. I hate when this happens. I was all but sure that it would last only a minute or two, but here I sit hours later and it seems my days may be numbered. This glass tomb does nothing for me. I'm all but trapped in here, having walked and flown all around, trying to find a way out. A silly device sits, strapped somehow to the corner of this crazy cube. I've seen them come in here, and walk towards it. They stand there using that thing and for the most part, walk away seemingly happy. I used to fly in here all the time and sit listening. It was a lot of fun too. They hardly ever noticed me. While many of my friends chose to go about their ways, looking for something to eat, I preferred to come here, and wait. I remember back in the day, oh my did the conversations come often. I would fly in here all day and listen. I learned so much from these strange and large creatures.

But today, it is hot, and I would love to leave here. I remember the food left behind too, wonderful stuff, all kinds of sweet goodies. Cookies and candy, and even gum were left for my enjoyment. I see everything and see it all at once. These things, these creatures of habit, are all so simple in their desires. They come to this glass hideaway all to often and make it their home away from home. I smell them as well. I've smelled sweet perfume and the stench of sweat, as many stood trying all too often to explain themselves to someone I can barely hear. It's very difficult you know, picking up the other side. I clearly understand the one inside here, for that is quite simple. It's the other voice I have the most trouble with. It's so low, and often barely there, but when I'm in a good mood, I hear it all. I admit, I'm amused by their conversation and the way they go about handling them. Anger gives way to tears, followed by laughter. Sometimes, the tears never stop. They start and continue the whole time and sometimes, it makes me sad. I'm not sure why it touches me this way, but it does. Mostly I have a good time, laughing away at just how silly and even stupid they are.

Once, I saw one. A very beautiful one. She came inside and reached for that device. I remember not so much her face, but her smell. Strawberries, it was. Very sweet ones. I wanted to come down, wanted to land on her and lick her for all my remaining days, for she was ever so sweet. She stayed only for a minute and just like that, was gone. I hardly had a chance to move. But oh my, did she smell good. Some days are better then most. I've even managed to get one of two that almost made me relocate from here. One Summer a big fat pig-like one came. I knew I was in trouble, the minute he had trouble opening this glass tower's door. He walked in, breathing heavy and smelling of aged cheese. I looked down on him and wanted to puke. I had tried to will myself giant in size, just to eat him. I would have giving anything to stop his heart, the minute he climbed from that dirty travel unit. I clearly remember his scent, for it hung inside here for hours, maybe even a day.

One night, after spending time about, I came here. I'm not sure why, but it seemed like something I wanted to do. It had been a cool Spring day and I was bored. Dusk had come and gone as the midnight moon played host to an already perfect evening. Those travel units have bright little suns, that flash often in my eyes. I fly up into the corner, where its almost always dark, and wait. Just after midnight, a young man comes in. He's all dressed up and grinning as he opens the door of my hideaway. This one is dark, his complexion different. He was reaching inside himself, looking for one of those little round silver things, they use to activate that black device. He was talking to himself, mostly so. Then he changed. He got real quiet and while holding that handle, looked around as if to make sure, he was alone. I could hear the voice on the other end. Soft and sweet it was. She was sleep, I think. Her sound was ever so warm and it made me think of a open field, where brightly colored flowers thick and plenty were planted. I had all but imagined myself there, when quickly they changed. He didn't see it, hadn't a clue. I was not in a position to tell him, because it too took me by surprise. Another travel unit came. This one black as the night. I remember seeing the shiny glow of street lights bouncing off the hood and doors. My grinning friend, with his ear to the handle and whispering sweet nothings, never knew his time had come. Would he have tried to leave? Would he have tried to disconnect from the fields of pleasure, playing out in his ear? I will never know, for as soon as these questions came to mind the bullets fired from the weapon came to meet him. There was loud cracks, as red fluid squirted from his body and against the glass, inside my secret hideaway. He quickly let go of that handle and spat red fluid, falling to the ground inside here. I jumped around and watched the creature with the death weapon, run back to his travel unit. The gloss black unit quickly was gone and my visitor would spend his remaining minutes of life, inside here with me. I looked down at him, wondering and trying to understand, if he had paid the price for the pleasure beforehand. I had not the answer for this either.

My years of life have come to me in age. I'm not quite as fast as before, and I don't seem to concern myself with these creatures of habit, as before. I've grown all but tired of their conversations and behavior. I have troubles of my own, as I make my way about in the Autumn of my life. I've watched them all to often go about in a haste, always coming here, coming to my hideaway, and always unknowingly sharing with me, their secrets. I can no longer remember all the conversations, like before. Once I sat in this upper corner and entertained myself with things, voices I had heard before. But that too has come and gone. I think something has also changed. My eyes, are not as good, but I seem to see many of these creatures, riding along in their travel units with miniature black talking devices. Something came about for them and they hardly come to visit me anymore. Something had changed in me as well. I felt the longing for them. I missed them somehow. Stupid creatures they are and yet I miss them. I had learned so much from them, but still knew so little. I could feel my own life closing in, my own story ending and I wanted to go out knowing more.

I sat one rainy afternoon, rubbing my hands and thinking. Was this it? Was this all that was to become of my life here? I wanted to leave here knowing that I had done something different, something great. I wanted to become part of them somehow. I was tired of being away, standing and sitting from the creatures that captivated me for all my life. I wanted to know more about them, the way they move and think. I desired them so much now, and wanted everything they had. I was thinking so deeply that I almost failed to notice him. He was a male creature. I could tell. Despite his long hair, and my aged senses, he didn't smell sweet at all. He was worried, fearful even. The sour smell of stress had come from him and trapped itself, inside his clothing. He ran from his travel unit, shielding himself from the falling rain. Once inside, he placed change, those round silver things next to the black device. He picked up the smaller handle and after sliding in those little objects, pushed away at a series of numbers. He, like me waited for the voice on the other end.

Hello?.......hello, is there anyone there?

It was one of the soft female creatures again. I do love their sound.

"Tammy, it's me! Don't hang up! I want to talk."

What? What is there to talk about? You fucking bastard! How could you? I'm hanging up and calling the police, do you hear me, I'm calling the police!

Tammy!! Listen to me please, I'm trying to talk to you and you're not helping the situation. Please, calm down!

What is it? Make this quick.

I'm sorry honey, okay? I'm very sorry. I don't know what came over me. But you and my kids are all that matter to me now, I see that somehow, please baby, please let me try to explain. Do you have any idea how much stress, I've been under. The fucking contracts and Henderson's reports are driving me mad. I hate being like this. I'm trying to cope with this sickness and it's driving me fucking mad!

You made your decision, long ago Tony, you wanted to be a part of something and you are. You didn't give a shit about those who laid their lives aside for you, all you saw was yourself. You selfish bastard! I loved you and gave you three wonderful children, but that's not enough. I put my own dreams on hold for you, and that too is not enough. So after I tried to do everything possible for us and our marriage, you decide to risk it all on a bitch half my age, well good fucking luck Tony, hope the cunt is worth it!

WAIT! don't hang up Tammy! We can make this work, do you hear me! We can put this back in order, I promise. I still love you, don't you still love me? After all we've been through, don't you still love me baby? My boys and daughter, please Tammy, don't take my children away from me....PLEASE!

They are not just your children, you fucking bastard! I gave birth to them, or have you forgotten? I carried them, born of my flesh, not yours. So don't you fucking tell me about your children! Your children will be fine. I'll send them to only the best schools, thanks to you. You need not worry about the family you left behind, I will see that they are well taken care of Tony.

So, that's it huh? Bleed me dry is that it? It's all about the money I've made, you greedy bitch! All those years of hard work and shit, and you think your going to just come around and take it all from me? One simple fuck and you think I should pay for a lifetime's work? Is that it?

You've made that decision Tony, not me. You put yourself inside this situation, more like stuck yourself inside, and you think I'm supposed to let you toss me aside and say thanks for the memories? Fuck you, you self centered bastard! I was not the one who fucked this marriage up, you did. You and your fancy getaways and trips to Paris. Did you really think I was that fucking stupid Tony? You men, so fucking dumb you are. Always thinking with that small head of yours. Well, it's over Tony. I don't give a fuck what you say. I'm tired of caring for you as you go about, chasing women half my age, making me look like a fool. I have my pride Tony! How was I supposed to feel, walking around knowing that all your friends knew, knew that I was some all too caring sucker of a wife, being played by you? And to think I thought, you would change.

I can change, I can. But you don't want to believe me, you want to come and stick a rusted knife in the cake I have baked, for you and my family. You are the one hurting this Tammy, You are fucking everything up! If you would have only listened, understood what I was trying to make for us, you would see. You would see that I need you, I need my family. I need to belong where everything is right and real!

Listen buster, don't give me shit about what's real and right. If you want to talk about cake, let's talk about cake then Tony, let's not waste time taking about wedding cake though, we already know about that head job you got while at our wedding. Oh yes Tony, I've known about that too. that sweet little cunt from your office. What was her name Tony? Karen, yes Karen Wright wasn't it Tony? Little bimbo sucked you on our wedding day, you fucking piece of shit you! But I let that go, didn't I? I was just some simple young girl from the midwest, for your wifely duties and pleasure. Well, now it's my turn! It my turn to fuck you Tony. I'm going to take what information, I have along with the photos and checks, you've written and I'm calling David tomorrow. You do know David Hatters? Don't you Tony. Best god damn divorce lawyer in the states Tony! He is going to make sure you pay for the shit, you've done to me over the years, so don't worry Tony. Keep fucking, those young bimbos. You'll need them to keep you warm!

Sara, I mean Tammy don't!

Oh listen to you Tony, even at this point in the game, you can't keep your women straight. Forget it loverboy, this time Tony, it is you who must bend over. Get yourself ready sweetheart, tomorrow I will for the first time in 24 years of marriage, lube you up for the fucking of a lifetime, and sadly I will still get no pleasure out of it. But mind you Tony, your kids will. I will see to that!

Tammy!.....Tammy! If you hang up this phone, if you think about destroying everything I've worked for, I just don't know what I will do. Don't do this Tammy......DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE!!!!

Now what? What was this one going to do now? He was pissed and I could feel, even frightened. He slammed that black handle down hard, almost breaking it. He stood with his head down, thinking I think. He was worried all right, I could smell him. Thunder broke the silence and added to the constant rainfall. Still he stood, and still thinking. I had sat up in this corner for most of my life listening to these creatures of habit. What I wanted was more, what I needed was to be closer. I believed that this was my last chance. It was not going to be easy though, the rain was coming down heavy and I wasn't sure what he would do, should he notice me. I sat still myself watching and thinking. I decided to do it, what did I have to lose? I watched his movement and timed it perfectly. He turned and let out a sigh, followed by the clenching of fist. I only had once chance. I flew down and attached myself to the top part of his head. I lodged myself in his hair and held tightly, hoping this idea would work. He opened the door to my secret hideaway and quickly ran to his car. Rain drops hit me like tons of bricks, as I hid under his dark thick hair. Seconds later, we were inside his travel unit. It was nice inside, dry and dark. There was voices here too. They seem to be making a strange sound though. Other sounds were speaking as well. He reached up and turn a black knob and the sounds went away. It was quiet now, just the humming sound of the travel unit, and two thin black sticks sliding from side to side. They seem to be doing something, but I don't know what.

He started the travel unit in motion and I shook my wings to dry. I knew to keep quiet, I didn't want him to hear me, let alone see me. He was angry, I could smell. I would never see what happens with these creatures, should he see me. The travel unit moved quickly on a blackened paved way, cutting through the rain. We moved about at high rates of speed, much faster then I could for hours. We seemed to me moving from the city and heading towards the forest. He mostly controlled the travel unit and would sometimes burst out in anger. Once or twice, he punched the glass look through. I thought it would break, but it didn't. He finally turned on more of that strange sound and after a minute or so, turned it off.

The rain had stopped here, and only the sounds of the forest along with some moonlight remained. He stepped outside the travel unit and I held on tightly. There was a house of some kind. A big storage unit for which these creatures seem to love and live in. This one was rather large and it seemed to almost glow. He walked around the side of this big unit and checked the back door. It was locked, but somehow, he had a key. He reached inside the lower part of that skin they have and removed another black object. This one made of steel, its smell told me so. In the room was smells of food, I got so excited that I jumped from him to the sky above me and flew around, landing on the wall. I crawled into the corner. He was looking around and his face was soaked with sweat. A sour smell of fear came off him.

I heard a voice, distant at first, but coming closer. It was soft and warm. It was her, the voice on the phone. She was speaking as if to someone small, by the words she used. What is bath? What is getting ready for bed mean? I wasn't sure and kept my eyes, all of them open. He's sitting down at a round circle made of wood now, he's waiting for something. I can smell her coming, she too has a scent of sour, but there's others too. I smell heat from her. Her pleasure signals and scent are fighting their way from her lower clothing, that cover they wear. I also smell her sweetness, melon fields ripe and ready. She coming closer now, I want to see the voice of warmth. I want to see what happens when the two voices meet, what dance will come of it? She comes into the room were the scent of food is strong, she turns to see him and before her scream had finished leaving her mouth, the popping sounds comes from that black thing, in his hand. Burst of yellow fire escape it, catching her in the face and chest. Red fluid paints the wall behind her and she stumbles backwards, before falling to the floor. I see my travel partner quickly leave in a hurry, dropping the black thing, and then picking it up. He bursts through the door he came in, and I see him cut himself on the glass.

I'm looking down now, not understanding what has happened. She, the bringer of sweet and wonderful is not moving. More red fluid pours from the holes in her. I hear a small voice, scream out mommy! and I'm wondering what it means. I take off, exploring the inside to find a small creature in a white container. It had water and a foamy top. The little creature is making a loud noise, not unlike that in the travel unit. I don't like the sound and fly away.

I go back to the creature on the floor in the room of smells. She has not moved and I fear her end has come. I'm not sure why this happens with these creatures, maybe it's just their way. Maybe this is what happens when they meet, maybe not. But I fly down and land on her anyway. I walk along her face where eyes that were once open, are closed. She remains still and despite what he might have thought, as I taste her red fluid, she is every bit as sweet.

The following morning, I awaken to find I am weak. My time to has come and my wings can hardly move. I have stayed here, all night, watching her. Others came and removed her body. But she is here. Her fluid is stained forever in the wall and for now, I still smell it. I'm leaving now. Nothing I can do about it. Time lends extra to no one, I'm not sure how I know this, I just do.


Author's note:
Okay, I'm feeling rather good about this one. Allow me a moment to toot my own horn. I'm enjoying this story. Even after writing it, I feel really good about it. Sometimes, while writing, I get a bit lost in some places. I normally walk away for a few hours and come back to it. But this sucker held me the whole time! Strangely enough, it came to me as I was about to lay down for a morning nap. I was all but ready to catch a snooze, when the idea jumped into my head. I fluffed the pillow thinking to myself, I'll get to it later. I thought a few more minutes about it and said, "Fuck it, I better get to it now." So, I jumped up and cut on the computer. An hour or so later, here it is. And man let me tell you, I really like the way it came out. I hope you do as well.