YIU in Hell
                                             O p e n    Y o u r    E y e s

It is written: The Litany of sorrows, the collapse of the last Kingdoms, the terror.

"For nation shall rise against nation, and Kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places....
All these are the Beginning of Sorrows.   Luke 21:7


Acting blindly and without control, the terrorist group known as UD (Universal death)
triggers the first bacteriological attack. All of Europe is contaminated by the mutant
retrovirus RHX-11, familiarly known as the "Grim Reaper" because of it's violent action
and the impossibility of synthesizing an effective anti-virus.

The 20 nations of the Europe Union are placed in Quarantine. This poses a serious threat to the new economic order which emerged from the 2019 Berlin agreements.
So begins the Great Recession.

The world's ecstatic amazement at the sight of the marvelous celestial show provided
by the great dragon commit turns to horror when two "tiny" fragments detach themselves from the mass and crash into the Persian Gulf and Caspian sea area.

The violent impact produces a tidal wave, completely flooding a vast part of the Arabian
Peninsula. This is followed by a series of earthquakes that annihilate Mecca and Moscow.
The network that controls the world's supply of petrol is totally destroyed.

The escalating inter-ethnic violence on the East and west coast of the United States
induces the Superpresident to call for Martial Law.

A liberal- pagan group in California immediately calls for secession, and independence is proclaimed. Twenty-one other states follow suit, including Montana- led by the Freemen- and Georgia- headed by the masked riders.

A technological Civil War breaks out. The last remaining superpower is dismantled,
heralding the dawn of Americas' Feudal Age

A top-secret report shows that the new drugs known as N.E.D (pronounced "need";
abbreviation of "Near Death Experience")- which have been highly popular since in 2020,
especially among the stressed- out technicians of the nations of the Asian alliance for
prosperity- lead to serious genetic malformations.The average I.Q. in Japan, Korea and 

China has dropped by 30 points in three generations, and many qualified workers are 

subject to neuron-motor disorders.

The Asian economy plummets and finally crashes in 2066.

During the Buenos Aires conclave, a nuclear device destroys the New Vatican (which had
sought sanctuary in South America at the time of the great recession). No group clearly
claims responsibility for the attack.

All the high dignitaries of the Roman catholic church are killed, including Pope Vincent I.
The Christian religion takes on a fundamentalist and fanatic direction under the
leadership of : The Brothers of the Christian Faith.

Chaos rules in the rest of the world.

Soon after it's inauguration, a major accident is reported in the first thermonuclear
reactor using controlled fusion (known as "setting fire"). Built in response to China's ever-increasing energy demands, the reactor goes out of control and a third of the new Republic of Manchuria is covered in a destructive blanket. A radioactive cloud comes to rest in the upper atmosphere, reducing available sunlight by 43%.

This marks the beginning of "Mai Tan" or endless Winter.

The African continent, worn out by 50 years of endemic ethnic wars and by an uninterrupted series of epidemics, undergoes yet another shock when the black messiah,Mofred Antanarivo, is assassinated. Massive immigration towards the South begins, as
thousands flee the African continent by military cargo ships (known as Exodus-Cargoes).

Australia, the only livable landmass, triples it's military capacity and sinks every
unidentified ship the enters it's territorial waters. Australia succumbs, following a massive landing in the year 2133.

....And blood and tears fell from the Heaven onto the desolate lands....
For thus it had been written. Faith was all that was left to humankind, a sick faith, which spread....blindly....like poison.

                                            O p e n   Y o u r  E y e s

The New World Order that resulted from the wars of the 20th Century is no more.
Science, mother of all evils but also a source of power, has been confiscated by the
New Masters. Religion, the last hope of a crushed humanity, survives under many powerful
guises, decreeing what is good and bad.
Taking advantage of the failure of secular politicians, religious leaders of all the major
faiths have taken over the planet. To maintain their rule over a distraught world,
they have accepted to share their power and have, instinctively, created a single capital..
and it is called..........

                              N e w   J e r u s a l e m