Table of Contents

What can an alchemist do
Ms. Lester, after working
Bob Pauls III is a cartoonist
Susan is not one
Chauncey Ware loves books
If you ever decide
If there is a difference
I poured a full shot of light rum
Howard Lindsay died
I'm not sure
Close to 20 years ago now
Bob Pauls III, a weightmaster
Marburg an der Lahn, founded in 1130
The first time I met Willie Crawford
Steve owns the horse farm
Jamie DeMaio - I call him Mr. Chaos
"Snow angels! What the hell is a snow angel?"
Michelle is someone who
Every so often my brother Wayne
"R.C." has one of those engineer - type brains
Ok, so I tongue rats
Dave said, "Bullshit..."
Brigitte Eliss is one
Berlin had the cabarets
With a small hammer
Sam Hand ascending
While we were growing up
Sharon and I have come a long way
Sam and I are what
Margaret fell and broke her hip
It's 3968 miles from Egg Harbor City
Woolrich has been manufacturing
You can learn a lot about a person
As I sit quietly
Susan, if you so much as twitch
At five foot two and a quarter
Sharon and I spent a small fortune
Alice is my deepest link to the past
There are some people
Emily Post gave us
Face paint
The Stockton State College library
It can't be an easy thing
In the hierarchy of mobility
I've seen Kevin
Bradd and I jumped
If you were to stuff Aristotle's
I asked my sister-in-law