The Return of the Lich King

the Lich King

by Kevin Meehan

WoW will be releasing its next expansion soon, The Return of the Lich King. I can just imagine:

Hybridor: Begone foul Lich King!

Lich King: Can I have some gold?

Hybridor: I am slain!

alChandler: You killed Hybridor you bastard. Prepare to die.

Lich King: Can I level with you guys? Pleeease?

alChandler: It's got me. Save yourself Lunariia.

Lunariia: Jesus Christ, come on people, how tough can this thing be?

Lich King: Can I have a portal to Ironforge?

Lunariia: Ieeeeeeaaaeeh!

From an idea of Pat's, aka Hybridor.

The End