alChandler Plays The Market

Once there was a man
named alChandler who
got a stock tip from
a friend.

He decided to act on it.
Being worldy he knew he'd
have no problems:

He tried to trade online
but they wanted too much money.
So he asked his friend
Diane what to do. Diane
knows about stocks:

Diane said, "Trade with A.G. Edwards,"
so that's what aChandler
tried to do.

"Alas," said A.G. Edwards, "we
must do some paperwork, come
back tomorrow." So that's what
alChandler did.

The next day he came back.
He had been approved!
He paid for the stock
with a check, just like
one of the big kids:

Now all alChandler has to
do is wait for somebody
to tell him when he's rich: