Noirwalker's Saga

    Many years ago, a dark and evil force threatened the natural balance of this planet. It came at a time when long ago, the battles between good and evil were fought using sources of either magic, or that of steel.
    The dark lords had managed to push forward in their quest for world domination and it seemed that all hope was gone. A young man, working the fields for his father, who had been killed in battle, was approached by an old man speaking in riddles. The old man had come from far away in search for him. While talking, the young man had learned of many things, and of how his father had really been killed, and by who. As the two men talked, one old, the other young, time became of utmost importance. So many had died, the battles themselves had taken their tolls on the land and it's people. If one listened very hard, he could hear them, off in the distance. The old man was Deckard Cain. Not much was ever known about him other then what old wise tales, carried. He'd long since roamed the Pinelands, searching for warriors of great skill. In time, he had found thousands, many were good, some where even great. And so with what he knew, he fitted them with the knowledge and sent them on their quest. Time after time, he would hear of the frightening bad news, that a warrior of his had died, crushed by the very hands of evil known as Diablo. Deckard moved forward, searching still until word had come to him not of a warrior, but of a young farm man. A young man not known for fighting, but of farming and growing. Deckard, surprised by the information himself, would spend two years, searching for this young farmer. In all that time, the battle for Diablo continued, his brothers Mephisto and Baal following his every command. The minions totaling well into the millions, had pushed upward from the bowls of Hell, and were now making their way across every corner of the globe, it seemed their plan was destined to work. So many lives had been lost, so many dreams destroyed. As the land laid covered in the bodies of fallen warriors, those followers of the word of GOD would be found, faced down in a pool of their own blood, their bibles nearby. The many, who had known of the word, or perhaps denounced it, would attempt to fight. Their struggle would end soon though, as they would turn not to GOD but of to Diablo. He would shape and mold them into hideous beast and after burning away their flesh of humanity, would equip them with tools needed for his work in destruction.

    Deckard, along the way to find this young farmer, would gather others to make this journey of all journeys. He found a young warrior, a female amazon. She too had been forced to witness the slaying of her people, their bodies twisted and torn. She had been forced to watch her mother raped and her older sister's throat slit. As she hid deep in the forest of the Amazon, not even hands clutched to her ears, could silence the sounds of her sister's screaming, or the horror that came afterwards.

    Another warrior was found along the way. This one a barbarian. He too, had been spared of death, as his father was cut down before his very eyes. This young barbarian had wanted to fight, wanted to come from behind the shed he and his father built, to aid him. But as he would later tell, it was not to be. His father, had instructed him, told him that no matter what was to happen, do not attempt to help him. Alchandler, age 19 would run high into the mountains just as his father had told him. It would be at a later time, after he had trained and remembered his fathers teaching, that he would return. In the end, he came back. Alchandler at age 21 and looking every bit his father, hunted down and killed every minion and dark lord, who had came to his house that evening.

    Not all warriors were meant to be. Some had choose a path of a different course. One such, was a warrior of magic. She had found herself in a situation where upon Deckard's visit, had all but turned away. She deemed him a fool for his request, thought that the very man himself who had been known throughout the land for years and years, had simply gone mad. She agreed in time to come along, but made it quite clear, that she herself had not felt the evil of Diablo, or his many minions. She had been a Sorceress, like her mother, and her mother before her. Her people could make themselves all but disappear, if need to. The battle between good and evil, would have to rest on shoulders of others.

    Cain's journey would lead him to one final warrior. With a Sorceress's loyalty in question, he would take no chances. He came upon a man who had seen the horrors of evil, had watched the lives of good people, cut down and turned to evil right before his eyes. He witnessed, time and time again as humans, born of flesh, now walked with bones and not much else, of stone. He had been a loner all his life and knew of very few people. He lived high above the mountains and in lands not often traveled. It was here, that he too had practiced magic. Unlike the Sorceress, he embraced the power of evil, without giving into it, a task very few could accomplish. Deckard seemed cautious at first, not wanting this warrior of sorts. He had even once but for a moment or two, thought of looking elsewhere. The Gods had advise him otherwise, siting that this warrior too was very special. As Cain approached the small home made of wood and stone, he would since evil here, evil that had been captured and was now being controlled. A man of youth, standing still and pale, greeted him. The bodies of Necromancer's had always taken their toll. Much drain would come for those controlling evil.

So with the five warriors in place, they would travel together away from the armies fighting Diablo. They would walk for many miles in search for the quest. Along the way, many would die fighting Diablo's minions, many would also turn to join him. In the end however, things would be different. When all hope had been lost, and for reasons that no one dares speak of, the five warriors, hand picked by the Gods, would defeat Diablo on different planes. They would destroy him and many of his minions, before splitting up. Each had been brought together, their purpose quite clear and of such great importance.
    With Diablo now dead, all the world had began it's course of change. It needed so much healing and rebuilding, and was well into doing just that when word came of Baal. Many had believed that he too had been killed although his body was never found. Baal had been the closest to Diablo as brothers go. It seemed now that Diablo too may have predicted his own death, and in doing so, prepared Baal. It would take half the time needed, that it took Diablo, for Baal to resurrect many of the fallen minions. Under their new leader, darkness would cover the planet in search for the Worldstone. Unlike his older brother, Baal took nothing to chance. He would not go to the battle grounds and fight as his brother did, this time he would cast out, his evil from afar. The lives of those surviving Diablo's wraith, would fall now to Baal's.
    Destruction had begun it's course. Deckard had very little time to reassemble the five warriors. Little was known as to their whereabouts, or even if they would agree to the quest. Diablo's reign had taken it's toll on all of them as well, except one. The warrior "Noirwalker" now known as "Sir Noirwalker" had returned to the very home of his father. With Diablo's death, he had removed and placed the weapons and armor of war, with those of farming. Cotton for steel. There remained an unease to him as he tried to move on with his life. It would be less then a year, before that old man who had come to him years ago, returned. Cain would find the farmer turned warrior, turned farmer again in the fields. Winter had began to show it's oncoming signs, and much was needed to do. They sat and talked by a fire and Cain now aging more then ever, spoke. He told of the tales the Gods had spoken about, how evil comes in twos. He talked about the impact of Diablo's death had on the devil, and of how the Gods agreed balance was important. The old man sat and watched as his old friend stared into the flames of his fireplace and asked about the others. Cain tried to gather as much information as he could along his way here. As near as he could imagine, most were dead. Not from the great battle of Diablo, but the one that came afterwards. "Some warriors are meant to be nothing else, when the battle is over, and the fighting has stopped, some just die. You are very different Noirwalker, your past is that of a man, a farmer. Despite your beliefs and courage, your heart is of farming, and the growing of God's land. You had much to return to, they I'm sorry to say, did not." He sat listening to the old man, eyes still watching the dancing flames. "This journey is for you to make Noirwalker, they are no others at this time." I can only hope that this time, it will be enough." "You have still been training haven't you?" Deckard Cain had indeed been a wise old man. So much depends on it to make it to his age. He looked over at Noirwalker, who's eyes still dance with flames, and knew the answer.
    Along the way, Noirwalker would hire a young barbarian named "Hygelac". A big and strong man who reminded Noirwalker of another friend he once knew. This barbarian was in need of much training. Good to his word, Noirwalker accepted Hygelac and his stubborn ways, too little of time was left. The two sat out one morning long before dawn. The barbarian lands where Hygelac was born, had already been covered in snow. Along the way, the two battled the minions of Baal and pushed forward against his armies. Hygelac had tried to keep up with the pace of Noirwalker. The two were very different, both however, would have to learn to work together. Baal's minions, had proved to be even stronger and more evil then his brother's. There would be times where even the best of men would fall. Noirwalker and Hygelac would stomp the very grounds of Hygelac's people, just outside the gates of Harrogath. As the snow would fall, as did those standing in the way of Noirwalker. Unlike his sidekick, he had seen this kind of evil before. Hygelac would often stare at Noirwalker, while he slept, wondering to himself, what drove this man. As Noirwalker would sleep, Hygelac would see his eyes dancing beneath their lids, much unrest there. Baal's end came, but not without a price. The people of Harrogath, would suffer the most. Both Noirwalker and Hygelac, stood guard along side Baal's dead body, waiting, hoping for a chance to kill anyone or anything, looking to resurrect it. Throughout the night, after word got out, a few thieves arrived. Their purpose, unclear. It matter not to Noirwalker who it later was known to have killed them. Hands stained forever in evil blood, the farmer turned warrior, now known as slayer, has retired. His aging body and visions of both Diablo's and Baal's minions, burn forever inside him. He has left the village where his friend Hygelac was born. Along his way to destroy Baal he met a young woman, a beautiful woman named Anya. She was captured and left for dead by and evil man named Nihlathak, who would later die by Noirwalker's sword. The two had later got together, married and now live a very quiet life, where Noirwalker hopes to find peace in a woman and of a land rich in beauty.

The End