The Legend Of Peggy Moon

I was in the sub-basement with Shadow Moon. Shadow was an Aggressive psi monk. She was gaining in power rapidly but the Aggressor Captains down there could still tag her. I'm an apu too but I have a few healing spells. Besides, if she did get in trouble, I can cut through an Aggressor like a hot knife through butter.

As it turns out, I wasn't needed. She enjoyed the company but she could handle the aggies solo. We were having a good time, waiting for the aggies to come out of the lower depths to challenge us, when he came.

He was a dim wit named Watchyourhead. Watch was a level 38 tank and obnoxious as all hell. He would throw random punches at people, fire random shots at folk and pester people to join him at Neofrag.

After an hour of this a psi monk named cammi snapped, she killed him. You'd think that would have taught him a lesson but it didn't. When Shadow and I went back to the sub-basement we found him, freshly genrepped, whining to cammi:

"Why'd you kill me cammi?"

Shadow quietly goes to the surface and makes a call on the Citicom terminal.

What did I ever do to you?

A tall, powerful looking woman enters the room and stands in the back.

Do you hate me? Is that it?

A taciturn psi monk named alChandler speaks, startling everyone, alChandler only speaks when the need is great.

We all hate you Watchyourhead.

Watchyourback turns to the monk and raises his gun. alChandler raises his gauntlet and prepares a spell.

You think you can take me al?

alChandler starts to walk towards Watchyourhead and then he hears the sound of power armor closing around a body. It's followed by the heavy tread of a running tank. alChandler, and everybody else in the room except Watchyourhead, hug the walls. Peggy Moon of the Carmanah Clan was in the building. Claw extended she strikes once. Watchyourback was dead.

Nobody said anything for a very long time. Peggy looked at the body as it faded away in the shimmer of the genrep effect. She turned, started to walk out of the room and then faced the frightened group in the sub-basement and said, "Only a fool mistakes patience for weakness."

And then she was gone.