Snapshots with Text

Whoever came up with the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words has never looked at a family photo album. Questions always arise. "Mom, who is that short guy with the big ears throwing my little brother up in the air?" And the answer is always the same, "I don't know!"

Photographs, at least the snapshots that I take, are basically worthless without words. I will undoubtedly and vividly remember every detail surrounding the picture that I took of Dave Maxwell bicycling along side the Erie Canal on a cold windy day in early April 1996, but few others could possibly come close to understanding the meaning behind that photograph, unless I take the time to jot down a little something about it.

And that is what this latest project, Snapshots With Text, is all about - take a few photographs and then jot down a little something about each of them. What I hope to accomplish is to present to the viewer a "typical" family photo-album but without the need of its owner to be present to act as narrator/historian. I want to be able to answer those "mom, who is that funny looking guy?" type questions years after mom ain't around to answer them.

Text and pictures copyright by L. James Meyers. No reproduction is permitted but bring cash and we'll talk.