Walkers: The Movie Trailer

Olarea Walker

by Kenneth Burch

The Conjuror

The camera opens with a close-up shot of a human eye which is closed. The camera pulls back slowly as it spins around. As the camera backs out we see a partially nude woman whose joints are dislocated, she is posed in a disturbing fetal position, her face and white hair matted in dirt and sweat. On her right hand a ring with a pearl, begins to pulse. As the camera continues to back up and away, we see her eyelids move, fluttering at first and then they slam open. Her joints pop into place and she screams.

Her surroundings are a war torn battlefield from a strange time period unknown to her, it is not fear she feels, but panic. She jumps to her feet and hobbles at first before breaking into a sprint. There are tanks moving in behind her as well as soldiers who have only began to spot her. A thunderous boom comes from behind her and seconds later, an explosion that splinters trees and shifts the ground nearby.

There is shouting behind her as well as gunshots that whisk bullets past her. She runs as her mind works in overdrive thinking and searching her newfound surroundings. Up ahead, a building in partial ruins attempts to provide shelter hopefully giving her the time she needs. From behind her the platoon of soldiers close in quickly some still firing the rifles clutched in their hands, while others split up to search overturned and now smoking vehicles. The sound of chopper blades beats wildly in the now smoked filled gray sky. She races towards the building, tripping at first then grabbing at a small tarp, tearing part of it away as she runs. The booming sounds of mortars vibrates beneath her as she makes her way into the abandoned building.

Her eyes dart wildly as she focuses on the room and the halls. Broken furniture and partially burned books lay scattered on the concrete floor. The sound of bullets cracking and shattering glass snaps her back into motion and she breaks for the hallway. She finds a door that leads to what used to be a small storage room, once containing cleaning supplies. She glances at the mop handle and smiles.

Black helicopters armed with dual 50.cal machine guns hover above as ground troops close in. They circle the building and through radio communications plan their attack. With weapons set on automatic burst, they pair off and in a two by two formation, began their flank, their black boots stirring dust against the stone building.

She pulls the hair from her face and snaps the mop handle over her knee. She takes the sharp end and pierces her right hand, blood runs quickly and she coats the handle, speaking quickly but softly to herself. The once mop handle, begins to glow. Outside the door and down the hall she hears them, they are yelling something and then more gunshots. She hears them yell Clear! and the voices move in, becoming louder. She is ready now.

On the other side of the door, voices and crackling from radios. The high powered weapons are now pointed in one direction. A soldier holds up a gloved fist and then points at the door knob. They step back as he reaches for the door knob, turning it. The crack appears, as does a thrust from behind the door which catches the assault member mid chest, piercing his lung. He tumbles backwards, his weapon discharging. The others move back and the door is kicked open from the inside. Gunshots ring out as she makes a break for it. Bullets zip pass her catching the concrete walls and chipping away at peeling paint. She cast the mob handle and in an instant several of the troops are frozen solid, their bodies tip over and shatter into pieces on the floor. Pull back! Pull back God damn it! Five more soldiers shakes uncontrollably and begin foaming at their mouthes before bursting into flames, an icy wind swirls beneath them. More gunshots, as they unload their weapons into a figure zooming too fast to see. Another soldier falls impaled by the now glowing staff, she swings it hitting another who stumbles backwards shortly before being frozen stiff, his face locked in an expression of horror She sees a window nearby with jagged glass and hurls herself through it, the staff now flaming blue.

From outside the building they see her crash through the window, swinging the broken mop handle like a mad musical conductor, glass and fragments of wood trailing. There is a bluish bubble circling her like a force field and they open fire on her as she falls some two stories. The bullets divert from the bubble bouncing wildly and ricocheting onto jeeps and soldiers. She lands on one knee and a leg, the mop handle turned staff impales the dirt where it begins to vibrate. Without looking up, she whispers to herself, the ancient words of old. Words of trust, protect and defend. Her hair hangs from her face, she feels it coming.

The order is given. Fire! Assault rifles open up and the bullets failed attempts angers the soldiers more. She pays no attention to their reactions, continuing only to whisper to herself sliding her hand down the staff. There begins a rumble, not from the tanks nearby nor the explosions not far away. The rumble comes from beneath them and shakes the ground. The soldiers stop their assault and stand in wonder, they try to balance themselves but it is fear that now takes them, the ground appears to be alive. From behind them large chunks of earth and stone assemble and form into a large creature, the likes never known. It casts its shadow and they turn to fire on it. Bullets do nothing more then chip at its stone skin. The creature is large and begins smacking at the soldiers, crushing their bodies like bugs. The tanks fire missiles which mostly miss their intended target. Those who hit, explode away at the hardened stone. The creature turns over trucks and smashes tanks setting off a barrage of explosions. At one point it picks up one of the tanks and hurls in into the sky, where it strikes a black chopper and explodes, the particles of steal and glass, bodies and blood, tumble down. The earthen avatar with fist of granite crushes everything in sight as the soldiers scatter, many dropping their weapons. Pandemonium grips them as freezing winds which stun, quickly turn to fire as more soldiers scream in horror their bodies and blood scattered everywhere. She stands now looking around at the devastation.

The stone creature standing twenty feet tall moves with great weight towards her. It stands gazing down at her and she looks up. Hey Big Daddy, boy I'm glad to see you.

The camera pulls back from them and we see a wasteland of dead soldiers and downed choppers. Smoke bellows from destroyed tanks and jeeps and we get the feeling that this is only the beginning.

The Necromancer

The night air brings a chill as the moon sits full against a black cloudless sky. Below it, the traffic of the city's streets beat with business. Night crawlers slither through vacant buildings and burn small fires to keep warm. One such creature is Eddie Gayes who's been working on getting this evil monkey off his back for years, to no avail. He sits covered in some greasy dirty overcoat he lifted from a dead man down by the docks not more then two weeks ago. Tonight he sits, gazing into the metal drum of flames and ponders. From the corner of his eye, a flash of brilliant light shocks him still and a door of some kind, opens before him. A strange looking woman appears mostly nude save for tattered garment and a set of bleached white bones that are currently being used as hair pins. Her skin is ash gray and as her eyes meet his, a sense of horror beyond anything he's ever imagined swallows his soul. Eddie tries to do the only one thing he can, scream and she denies him that.

Sirens ring out through the night as patrol cars and uniformed patrolmen race down the streets and sidewalks after her. She moves faster then any being should, but they continue their pursuit guns drawn and often firing into the sky. She leaps over trash bins and into a dark alley with only one way out. She is trapped. The police radios screech and they respond that she, this thing or being of such is cornered. Flashlights emitting bright white beams scan down the dark alley where they see a few trash bins, assorted broken bottles, spilled urine and vomit. It was officer Frank Paynes who arrived first, young and eager his heart rate forcing a thumping sound in his chest. He lifts the flashlight and with his favorite 9.mm pistol drawn, begins moving in closer, sweat beading and working its way down his face. There is something wrong here, he can feel it. Behind him, seven other officers flank in, they are about twenty-five feet behind Frank. Several police vehicles have come to a stop at the beginning of the alley, their police lights beat wildly against the brick walls of the surrounding buildings. A captain steps out of his unmarked car and with a hand held megaphone, yells Police! You are surrounded! Come out with your hands raised...Now! A cat jumps from a trash lid and lands on the street, rushing along past the standing officers. They look briefly before returning their attention to the dark alley end.

Officer Frank Paynes moves in further, his heart now racing in double time. He thinks he sees something and try as he might, pushing his brain to form some sense of what his eyes see. It's a woman whose ashy gray skin has turned almost black, her eyes are a icy blue which seem to hypnotize him with their dark beauty. He tries to shake it, to turn and run and before these plans are set in motion, she moves with the lightning speed of a panther. She lunges at him, before he has a chance to discharge his weapon. The officers behind him see very little but that doesn't stop them from firing in his direction. She has grabbed the young officer, snapped his neck and after 43 slugs from his fellow officers in his chest, she's dragged him behind the dumpster. There is panic as the officers yell out"Cease Fire! Three of the officers back up slowly, not sure what they have just witnessed. The body of five year police officer Frank Paynes lay dead, but now there is movement. A greenish gas and black bubbling liquid oozes out of him and he yells something unworldly from him mouth. His skin begins melting from the right side of his face. He's standing on his feet and leaning to one side as if a leg had been shortened somehow. That gassy green mist quickly floats towards the officers and before they can turn and run, it's in their lungs and burning. The captain still standing along side his vehicle, sees the mist coming. At first he has no idea what to make of it, until he hears the haunting screaming sounds of his men. The megaphone he held so tightly slowly drops to the ground as he forces back a scream. From out of the poison mist she walks, she is flanked by former police officers turned zombies with bloody trails and intestinal tracks following behind them. A ghoulish howl escapes from their mouths. She is waving her hands and just before the captain of the 57th precinct leaves this world for another, he takes one last look at her, and she is smiling. His bones crack, his blood boils and after a fierce vomit, he joins his men in the world of the undead. As she walks from the alleyway and past the patrol cars and flashing lights, she snaps her fingers and like that, the twisted and mutated forms of what once were human, fall to the cold bloody streets. The poison mist retreats back into her palms and she turns, walking north on Lincoln drive and in her wake, the bodies of 36 police officers, what's left of them, lay dead.

The Monk

On a sunny afternoon in a schoolyard near Pine and Franklin Blvd. there sits a tree line of oaks. Behind these oak trees is a small creek which flows a stream of water that gently covers a brook and large stones. During the winter, this stream of water slows as the ice chills it. During the Summer, the water glistens in the morning sun and by afternoon, it becomes downright enchanting. It is this state that we find the creek known to many locals as Cricket Leg creek. It is a name given so long ago that many don't even know where the name came from. At this moment, neither does the man who is now trying to take advantage of a little boy named Eric Thomas. Eric is eight years old and at this moment he is hardly thinking about anything else besides wanting his mother. The man who has taken Eric from the school nearby is almost drooling with excitement at what is to become of his newest find. He is about the pull out his penis and introduce it to his little friend, when 5 razor sharp blades penetrate him from his lower back where they rip at his spine and spleen. He tries, in a knee jerk reaction, to turn around, but the force from behind is too strong. As the blades pull upward, they tear into his chest where his bowels are torn apart and his liver sliced in five even parts. Little Eric falls backwards and after pulling up his pants, gets to his feet and runs. There are tears streaming down his face and he is more scared now then he will ever be in his life.

He will run out of from the oak trees and into the field where the yells for his mother continues. As Eric runs his little legs doing the best they can, he doesn't hear the screaming sounds from the strange man behind him, being ripped open alive nor does he hear the gurgling sounds of blood flowing into the bad man's lungs and throat. It is the thumping sound of his little heart, helping him to run to freedom. Mr. Edwards who is waxing his old '75 GTO will run to little Eric and later call the police. The police will arrive in less then 15 minutes. By the time they make their way back to the creek, they will find the mangled body of the child molester. The two officers will throw up most of their breakfast as they look at a body of a man approximately 45 years of age. His torso is ripped completely in half and most of his face is ripped off. His mouth is frozen in a scream and inside it, whats left of his penis. Blood and pieces of flesh flow from the body and into the stream of water. There are footprints from bare feet, belonging to a child around the age of 10, leading away from the scene. This case later finds its way to the cold file, unsolved so the locals will say, but not to one such little girl from another world. To her, this case is closed, completely.

The Wizard

During a live concert where the local group LPY are performing, the security team spots a flash of yellow light that has nothing to do with the concert performance. Shortly after the flash a booming sound cuts through the song Baby I'm all you need. The band stops and the fans and local law enforcement catch a glimmer of a woman stepping out of what looks like a circular doorway made of some kind of energized fabric or tissue. It is about 15 feet wide and sizzles as she walks through it, plasma charged electric energy and freezing winds follow. There is a blanket of charred clouds that burst releasing shafts of frozen rain that stab into the surrounding earth. The portal of sorts closes in on itself as she comes through. Some of the locals who are as they say "Religious Freaks" fall to their knees and begin praying. Others stand in a shocked position, not believing what is taking place. The band leader slowly pulls down his dark sunglasses, the words What the fuck! slowly leave his lips. The woman is about six feet tall and every bit as beautiful as any model they have ever seen. She is wearing some kind of robe that looks as if it's made of shimmering soft metal. A gold wand or scepter with a giant pearl at one end and a divine blue flame burning at the other is clutched in her right hand and a mane of cloud white hair flows from her head as if it were alive. A police officer pulls out his gun and before he could point it, is turned to ice and blown clear across the field where his body shatters into a thousand pieces. The audience watches in horror not believing what has just happened and breaks for whatever direction pointed away from the mysterious woman who now seems to be a goddess from another time and place. Security guards paid for by the recording studio, attempt to protect the band members from possible harm. Several guards attempt to approach the woman only to be forced aside by some invisible power that knocks over parked cars and food stands. Winds blow from a still night and swirl like tiny twisters, freezing cold. Two officers open fire and watch in amazement their bullets halted in midair and explode, the impact so great it pushes them backwards. She is walking and scanning her surroundings as if in search of someone or something. Her green eyes which normally would be considered beautiful, are haunting and do little more then strike fear to those unfortunate to look at them. She waves that golden wand and flames circle her and from above, the raining of icy shards which crash into the grass, forming some kind of ice gate around her. Bullets do little more then chips away at the now frozen wall and after another flash of bright yellow light, there is a sonic boom which shatters the soul and blows out the windows and windshields of parked cars and houses from two miles away. She disappears, the flames burn out and the ice wall quickly melts, and there will be no two people who can truly describe what on God's earth they had just witnessed.

Fade to Credits

Part 1: Avena Walker the Conjuror

Part 2: Olarea Walker the Necromancer

Part 3: Mia Walker the Monk

Part 4: Alexia Walker the Wizard



S U M M E R 2014

Okay, so here's the deal. I always wanted to put into words a dream that came to me not long ago. In it I imagined what would happen should one of my girls from Everquest II, you know the ones I made and spent the last six years playing online, would come into the modern world that is ours. A tear in that time continuum thing, has bought four dangerous ladies from another time and world into our own. I would imagine their gifts and special powers would be amazing against our modern weapons. I would also think, they would be able to move at incredible speeds seeing that their gravity would most likely be different then our own. It's just a feeling you know. The first part of this story I swear was ripped from that dream, as much as I could remember. After writing it down as quickly as I could so as not to forget much, I read it and liked it. But like any good father, I had to think about my other three girls. What you have is that as I see it. Imagine an 18 minute movie trailer using state of the art CGI and staring a family I know and love.....smiles. Hmm, I believe I am way too close to this thing. The only question is, can I escape? Would I want to? And above all where would I go?

Thanks for listening